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Sensual yet sophisticated femininity, a keen but original fashion sense. Seduction is the key word, the aim is “uniqueness”. These are the defining terms of the world of Luca Stefani, the latest designer name is woman’s shoes. Success based on an unparalleled creative vision from which stem highly innovative designs. “Femininity does not preclude good taste”, says entrepreneur/designer Luca Stefani. “When i think of my ideal customer, i imagine a self-assured lover of fashion, for whom clothes drawn from the best of Italian design are the symbol of a dynamic and extrovert personality”. A vision pursued through on-going research which is the real driving force behind the label. A team of professionals and creative designers who explore the markets in order to offer each season a collection of unmistakable origin. Today Luca Stefani shoes are eagerly awaited in the shop windows for the air of freshness and novelty they bring to each season. “We try to catch the mood of the moment and translate it into products which appeal to a range of consumer groups”, explains Luca Stefani. “Our ‘friendly fashion’ concept allows the customer to change look each season with the right accessory at an affordable price”. The real dream of every “shopaholic” throughout the world. In the best Italian tradition,
a strong creative idea gives rise to a successful business. Luca Stefani’s company is based on the knowledge gained form vast experience, thought it only emerged as a brand a few years ago, in the wake of the vision and ideas of its young founder. A company with its sights set on the future with global horizons and creativity as added value. Its unique identity has attracted international investors from the sector, who have chosen Luca Stefani as a brand on which to develop a global project. Communication retailing and service are the key areas for development in the immediate future.

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